Design of Garden and Landscape

Garden and Landscape Design, it all starts with a good plan! A pleasant living environment is enriched by its surroundings, and that includes the garden. A synergy between desires, surroundings, the plot, the house, and nature forms the basis of a garden design. Our team at The Dutch Wave designs gardens with a Biophilic Design philosophy. This means we use nature as a source of inspiration to create an extraordinary garden design. Not just composed of fancy materials, but a garden with natural charisma that harmonizes with the surroundings and meets the users’ wishes. We would love to show you how ‘Mother Nature can be damn sexy’ in projects we have previously realized.

3d designs, an impression of our work

To visualize a garden concept, a 3D garden design often sparks the most imagination. While details are essential, it is powerful to leave certain elements to the imagination. Below is an impression of the 3D garden designs that have delighted our clients in the past.

Previously realized projects

Over the years, we have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in designing and creating extraordinary gardens. Everything begins with a good plan, which can then be translated into a dream garden. Below are some results we have designed and also brought to life through collaboration.

Crafted garden designs expressed in two dimensions

To achieve an amazingly stunning garden, several steps precede it. The most valuable step is the inventory of personal wishes and the surroundings. Then, to bring them together and express them in a design. A two-dimensional design provides a clear overview of sightlines and dimensions. By adding an artisanal touch of color, it gains more depth and impression.

A two-dimensional garden drawing often suffices to express a garden vision. In some cases, details or specific accents play a significant role; a 3D visualization, in that case, speaks more to the imagination and can be a pleasant enhancement.

Interested in getting to know us better?

Do you want to know more about what we can do for you regarding this topic? Or do we share a common vision and see opportunities for collaboration? Our belief is that we have more brains outside our heads. That’s why together, we know and can achieve more than individually.